(For a written version that you can print for a reference hardcopy, click instructions3.1)

This is a ‘work in progress’ instructions for setting up the acoustic recorder. This is done in two short videos, the first just shows which button to press inside the recorder (the Wrecorder!) in order to put it into programming mode. The second video is a screen capture from a smartphone, showing how to connect your smartphone to the Wrecorder, once it is in programming mode.

  1. Put the Wrecorder into programming mode – watch the video here
  2. To set up the Wrecorder recording sessions from your smartphone – watch the video here. See note below about a bug and an easy workaround.
  3. Once you are a bit familiar with setting up the recorder, here is a short video going through the process at pace, and it shows how quick and easy this can be.

Some key things to remember are…

  • Make sure you put you smartphone into flight mode, then switch the wifi back on
  • Select the wifi network called “WRECORDER”
  • Password for the “WRECORDER” wifi network is “brownkiwi”

For written instructions click on this link instructions3.1 to download as a pdf. You can then print a hard copy, if needed.

NB: There is a bug that causes wifi to shutdown as soon as you connect with your browser (in some circumstances). The best workaround for this is to already have your web browser already at some other website, e.g. stuff.co.nz before you connect to the wrecorder wifi. Once connected, you can then type in the local web address (Now fixed on software version 8.004)