seaChannel marine communications for cameras and sensors

  • Seachannel is an underwater communications system, using a single conductor (tether).
  • One wire, incredibly strong, but flexible – nylon shrouded stainless steel.
  • The sea provides the return circuit.
  • Suitable for shoreline (through surf) and deepwater applications.
  • No batteries at 100m length– power provided over the tether, simultaneously with bidirectional comms.
  • Up to 300m (maybe more) with local rechargeable battery.

Rather than taking a multicore communications cable and then armouring it for marine underwater applications, why not use a simple but incredibly strong stainless steel wire rope, and then use smart techniques to send power and signals over it. This is the thinking behind the Oceansense SeaChannel system. The amazing part of this system is that it only needs one wire, because the sea is a great conductor, and the sea itself provides the return connection. So, with a simple single nylon shrouded stainless steel wire rope, we can provide power and bi-directional communications to underwater sensors and cameras, suitable for extremely challenging environments such as surf and deep water.